Regionalization of the Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Medical Services System in the Republic of Moldova

The Romanian-Swiss “Regionalization of the Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Medical Services System in the Republic of Moldova” (REPEMOL) project is a continuation of the programs started by the Swiss Government, through the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC) to support the improvement of the mother and child health services in the Republic of Moldova.

The REPEMOL project is a complex, multi-dimensional intervention on the health system and the health condition of the population from the Republic of Moldova.

It has started in 2008, as a result of the direct request of the Rep. of Moldova Health Ministry to the SDC.

The project aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the pediatric health care system, addressing the Health Ministry strategy on the regionalization of health care in the Rep. of Moldova.

The project has been developed in accordance with the SDC Cooperation strategy for the support of the health-system reform in Rep. of Moldova and for providing universal and equitable access for all mothers and children to adequate health services (perinatal assistance, pediatric care, sexual and reproductive health for young people).


The official inauguration of the Emergency Care Unit from the Cahul Regional Hospital


The REPEMOL project foresees a decentralized, regionalized pediatric health-care system, with regional pediatric centers/hospitals that provide quality and non-discriminatory health-care services to all children of 0-18 years from the 3 virtual regions (North, Center and South). The project aims to strengthen the capacity of the regional pediatric centers and to support the development of an effective medical transport system for referring severe cases to the regional pediatric centers. Ideally, all infants and children from the Rep. of Moldova who have severe conditions will have equal access to emergency and intensive care in the regional centers.

Poster from the National Campaign for the prevention of domestic accidents among children of 0-5 years – “A household with no dangers for your child!”

The results and outputs from the previous project phases:

Result 1: At the administration policy level, improved financing and delivery of the emergency and intensive care services.

Output 1.1 – Regionalized pediatric emergency care system and regulated, implemented and monitored pediatric intensive care system

Result 2:  At the service provider level – the delivery of emergency and intensive care services available and accessible across the country.

Output 2.1 – Modern pediatric emergency and intensive care units are set-up and get the needed equipment.

Output 2.2 – Human resources are properly trained for the emergency and intensive care services.

Output 2.3 – Quality-assurance mechanisms are developed and implemented for the pediatric emergency and intensive care.

Result 3: At the community level – the communities, the mothers and fathers have improved the supervision of their children, have taken measures to prevent domestic accidents for their children and know when to use the emergency services.

Output 3.1  - Better awareness and information among the adults in a family regarding children’s domestic accidents and the available regional emergency services.

The project takes place during 2008-2017 (3 phases) and the financing is provided by SDC - Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency.