Human rights in patient care – A Practitioner’s Guide

The “Human rights in patient care – A Practitioner’s Guide” project aims to create accountability in the patient care process to prevent the breach of human rights and to promote the implementation of patient rights protection laws.

The main objective of the project – the set-up of a group of jurists with good understanding of the human rights aspects in patient care and of the relevant legal tools to promote the development of this legislative field.

The results of the project:

  • The project was kicked-off in Oct 2013 through a first meeting, with the participation of an US consultant alongside Romanian specialists. The agenda of the meeting included discussions on the Practitioner’s Guide content, the accountabilities of the main authors and co-authors for the chapters/topics of their respective competence, the duration of the preparation of each chapter, as well as a Q&A session. The participants have also agreed the internal communication strategy covering the various project deadlines.
  • The elaboration of each chapter has started with a research period, 6-8 weeks, the writing period is estimated to last for 5 months, while the editing process 4 months, just as the translation period.
  • The editing and translation periods will run in parallel. The documentation is bilingual and there will be two editing processes. The chapters written by foreign authors will be translated in Romanian, while the chapters written in Romanian will be edited by a Romanian editor and then translated in English, following the English layout and model.
  • The printing of the Guide covers July-Aug 2014.


The project period covers October 2013-October 2014 and the financing is provided by the Open Society Foundation – the Public Health Program.


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