CPHS Romania Team

Dana Otilia Farcașanu – Executive President

Ioana Daramuş - Program Director

Daniel Ciurea – Program Director

Cornelia Matic – Social Relations Specialist

Mirela Mustață – Communications and Public Relations Specialist

Florin Sologiuc – Management Consultant

Letiția Mihail – Program Coordinator

Raluca Buzea – Chief Accountant

Nina Popescu – Accountant

Cătălin Drăgan – Accountant

Corina Ștefan – Human Resources

Aurelian Dan – Administrator/System administrator

Monica Anghel – Assistant


In addition to the core staff, we have a team of consultants hired on a contractual basis, depending on the specific requirements of the various projects. These consultants are selected from a database of over 100 national and international specialists. The CPHS consultants have rich expertise and experience acquired in projects across Central and Eastern Europe.