CHPS Romania

The Center for Health Policies and Services (CHPS) is an independent, non-profit foundation with individual legal status and without political affiliation, which was constituted in Decembrie 1999.

We have embraced the mission of promoting quality services in the area of public health, actively participating to the development of health policies, and acting as a catalyst for the debate in the field of health policies and for public-health project development.

We have 15 years of experience in managing projects with domestic and international financing, which have covered:


1.       high-priority areas of public health and health services,

2.       adult-education and continued-professional-education programs,

3.       health and social research,

4.        information, education and communication campaigns,

5.       consulting and technical assistance.

Its main financing sources are received grants (projects approved for financing by donors following competitive calls for projects) and the delivery of specific consulting and technical assistance services.