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We have developed and provided the management of over 90 programs and projects realized during our over 15 years of activity. In the region, we have validated our project management abilities in a large range of challenges: from 10,000 EUR to 10,000,000 EUR projects.

CHPS and its affiliated staff have acquired international expertise in European and regional project in the health area (Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey, etc).

Understanding the environment and the successes we have achieved so far make us committed to continue the development of projects in Romania and Republic of Moldova, but also in other countries from the region, across various areas of the health or social sector, in collaboration with national and international partners.


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Regardless of the answers to these questions, we are not indifferent to how the health systems respond. Experience has proven that one person’s health condition depends on his/her behavior, but also on health policies and programs.
  • That is why our action programs are based on:
  • Strengthening the health-system management capacity,
  • Creating the needed resources,
  • Developing the right conditions for the delivery of services,
  • Modelling and making the financing system more efficient, but also
  • Encouraging and facilitating social dialogue, the active involvement of the community, of all stakeholders, in the decisions that impact the health condition of each of us.
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When we look at our health systems, do we always realize that they should meet objectives and have functions to address socially desirable purposes by delivering pacient-centered services?

When we talk about health policies and services, do we know that the World Health Organization has defined the objectives of the health systems to be the following?

1. Improving the health condition of the population they serve,

2. Adequately responding to the needs and expectations of the population and

3. Providing a financial cushion against the costs of a poor health condition for each citizen? 


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